Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yes, I have a few projects in the making but that didn't stop me from trying out / starting something new. While cruising some quilting websites I came across this Scottie Dog pattern on  The pattern does call for it to be done my sewing machine but since I'm no expert on it (though I do own one) I figured I try it by hand. I immediately cut some paper into 2" squares, ordered some 2.5" squares on eBay and I was set. This is what I have to date. Two sides completed and now for the tricky part of putting it together. Wish me luck!!


cucki said...

So beautiful
Hugs x

Rita said...


Mouse said...

took me ages to figure out what it was when I saw it on FB ... finally got specs on hehehe ... this is going to look real cute when made up :) love mouse xxxxxx