Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a week...

Was a very busy week at work which thankfully meant the week went really quickly. Of course it also meant I was tired when I got home with not much desire to do much. I was determined to getting my "walk on" and did two walks on the treadmill and two walks with the hubby. Actually starting to feel better already. I do need to keep a more active lifestyle to fight the complications of diabetes...and my new nemesis, high blood pressure. Getting old is NOT for sissies indeed.

I made a bit more progress on MSQ (Milly's Scrappy Quilt) and I'm happy with the results. As my husband likes to tell me, I don't have to finish EVERYTHING in one sitting. LOL! Boy he knows me so well.

I been a little negligent keeping up with the various Yahoo groups I belong to that I made the decision to drop them all with the exception of the LHN/CNN group which I moderate and love, and the Yahoo group for my local stitching group. The decision was made easier by the fact that Yahoo changed their email format which is not very user friendly. Anyway hope this gives me more time to keep up, cross stitch, quilt, read, and even update my blog more frequently.

Have a good week!


Karla Michelle Alvarado YT-Kapamia said...

Super Cute titi! I love it! ^-^

cucki said...

aww sweet..i love it too..
hugs x