Monday, December 5, 2011

An old, new hobby

A few years ago I was on a stitching retreat with friends when we visited a quilting store. I'm not a quilter so I walked around looking at all the different fabrics and accessories when I stumbled upon something that was very familiar to me. I had no idea there was a tool to make them!! I had to have it and figure out how it worked. You see when I was a little girl, my grandmother made Yo Yos by hand. I totally forgot I had the Yo Yo Maker till I visited my mother back in September and saw a table cloth made of these Yo Yos. She told me my Aunt Lucy had picked up the old craft and had made the cloth for her the same way my grandmother made them.
Bedspread made by my Aunt Lucy
Pillow by my Aunt Vinnie

In my recent visit to Ohio I discovered that my Aunt Vinnie had too picked up Yo Yo fever. She had no idea a tool existed for making the Yo Yos so I picked up two of them for her and just couldn't resist starting a project myself. I too now have Yo Yo fever.
My first batch of Yo Yos.


cucki said...

wow yo yo making sound so much..they are looking so beautiful..
keep well dear and have fun xx

Vonna said...

I'd be yo-yo for yo-yo's too after seeing that lovely work! YOOHOO...I'm gonna buy a yo-yo tool :)

Lelia said...

They are an addiction! I have all the shapes and sizes. Enjoy them very much.

If you get the chance, pick up the Kanzashi Flower templates.

picture here

Lelia said...


Link above to Kanzashi Flower photo. Made with Clover Templates. I find them a lot of fun!

Rita said...

The yo yo projcects are beautiful.

I picked up a couple sizes of the yo yo makers thinking I'll start making them someday.