Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good to be home?

Okay it's always mixed feelings coming home from a wonderful vacation. You feel the buzz from the good times and relaxation mingled with the relief of being home and sleeping in your own bed. Hubby and I took a much deserved week off and spent it South Lake Tahoe and had a great time. Got plenty of rest, reading, stitching, walking, shopping and bike riding (well HE did the riding and I did the shopping...LOL).

It was a little sad to see some decline in Tahoe with Bill's Casino now closed and the Horizon Casino Resort practically barren. The gambling tables are all gone and many slot machines have been removed. You could almost hear your echo in there. Sure most of it is just part of the downturn in the economy and while I don't gamble much I'm sure this has lead to less people making the trek to Stateline, Nevada. The $410 million convention center-hotel-retail enterprise project has been put on hold due to financing so there is nothing but a crater on the California side of Tahoe across from Harvey's. Sure gives the area a desolate look.

Still there was plenty of beauty to appreciate in Tahoe as these photos will show.


nutmegg said...

Beautiful photo's

Vicky L said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope I will be able to see Lake Tahoe someday. Glad you had a relaxing vacation.

blueladie said...

I'm glad your vacation was a good one and Tahoe is beautiful. TFS the pics! :) Cathryn

Rita said...

Beautiful pics!

Welcome home.

Scattered Threads said...

How sad for the economy. I am a landscape/scecnic one,so I love the pictures.

SocksAndMittens said...

I have never been there, beautiful place!