Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday all! Hope you remembered to "spring forward." Doesn't seem fair to have one less hour this weekend but guess I won't feel that way in the Fall when I get it back. LOL!

This week I worked on a new model for Little House Needleworks and all I can say is that fans of LHN won't be disappointed. In between that project I got some smaller pieces done to add to my ornament collection. I now have quite a few piled up so I need to make a date with my finisher Bette and let her do her magic.
I Believe
by Helga Mandl
Gingerbread Boy
by Helga Mandl
Yesterday I spent the day with a few gals from my local stitching group at one of our favorite shops and managed to make a little progress on my BBD piece. I also added Prairie Schooler's "Woodland Santas," Book 96 to my collection and some navy blue 25 ct. lugana to stitch them on. I have a friend who did them on the dark fabric and they really turned out so pretty. Stitched over 1 they will make great ornaments.
Beneath the Sunlight Sky
by Blackbird Designs


Natasha said...

Love the little finishes you have. And I can't wait to see the modle you have been working on.

Hope to make it to a GTG again. Saturdays are so hard for me with work. I am in need of some stash buying, just alittle ;)
Take Care

Irene said...

I'm missing that hour already and it's only 2p.m. Sunday afternoon. Love your stitching. I have I Believe done, just not finished. Great start on Beneath the Sunlight Sky, love the bird in it.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful stitching Milly. I hate daylight savings time. Wish we didn't have to participate! We didn't used to here until about 2 or 3 years ago. :0P~~~ I liked it much better the other way round.

Vonna said...

Everything is always so pretty dear Milly!
I love your BBD...soon finished? eh?

WendyCarole said...

Love your pieces.

We have two more weeks here in UK before we spring forward. i wil try to make the most of theose extra hours LOL

Ellen said...

Love your little finishes. Can't wait to see your progress on that BBD, it's a lovely design.


Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

I really like your finishes. Nice job.

Brenda Lou said...

Great stitching, honey :)

Yoyo said...

I can't wait to see the new LHN. Helga's little designs are so nicely done and Beneath the Sunlit Sky is really pretty, I can't wait to see how you finish that one. It got dark at our house around 4 this afternoon and that is way too early!!!

Sarah Lindfield said...

Oh Mils we dont put our clocks back until the end of the month. Love your two finishes and BSS is just lovely.

Debra said...

Congrats on your finishes. Your wip is looking good.

Colleen said...

Beautiful stitching as always...can't wait to see those finishes all framed up!

Vicky L said...

Beautiful! I love Helga Mandell's designs.

Kathy said...

Great job on the ornaments. I love that BBD piece. Yours looks lovely.
I'm feeling that missing hour today. There just isn't enough coffee to help. :)

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Really cute finishes Helga, is one of my favorites. Will be watching for the new LHN. I just started State Fair. Again contrats on the How Does Your Garden Grow finish and would love to see if framed. Will you be starting a Sampler Wall? LOL

staci said...

I'm always amazed at how many things you get stitched! Your ornaments are darling and Beneath the Sunlit Sky is really beautiful too!

Cindy F. said...

Your blog looks great!!
oooh,,,an LHN surprise? I can't wait!
Love your cute finishes and your BBD wip is gorgeous!!